Hederman Engineering

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Welding Facilities

Aluminium Welding.

Hederman Engineering have 2 Miller Tig welding machines both with a water cooling system ideal for welding light gauge & heavy gauge aluminium parts.

The TIG {Tungsten Inert Gas} welding process generates heat from an Electric arc maintained between a non consumable tungsten electrode and the part being welded. TIG may be used without the addition of a filler rod or a seperate filler metal can be added into the pool when additional material is required, much like the process in oxy-acetylene welding.
We also have the facility to mig weld aluminium.

MIG {Metal Inert Gas} welding process can be automatic or semi automatic process in which a wire connected to a source of direct current acts as an electrode joins two pieces of metal, as it is continuously passed through a welding gun. A flow of inert gas is also passed through the welding gun at the same time as the wire electrode. This inert gas acts as a shield, keeping airborne contaminants away from the weld zone.

Stainless Steel Welding.

As mentioned above we have two TIG welding plants which we use for our Stainless Steel welding also, or we can use any of our six MIG welding machines depending on process required for On-site welding we have an Electric Arc welding plant.

Brazing - Soldering.

For various different Alloys we can Braze or Solder parts depending on requirements.

Stud Welding.

Our stud welding plant is ideal for welding threaded studs to mild steel or Stainless Steel. This is ideal for adding studs to existing parts as there is almost no distortion or burn mark, being single phase this can be carried out almost any where as the machine is compact

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