Hederman Engineering

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CNC Milling

At Hederman Engineering We have a three axis CNC milling machine.Ideal for one-off precision parts & small batch production. The CNC machine milling can be programed in 2D or 3D depending on part required.The CNC programer can use it as a simple drilling machine for repeat parts, as well as a boring machine and milling machine.

CNC programming is carried out at the machine interface, in simple steps.

The part can be drawn on screen before machining starts, this is perfect for rapid prototyping and precision components in the machine shop.

Machine Specification.

  • Table size: 1372mm x 355mm
  • Longitudinal Travel {X Axis} 745mm
  • Cross Travel {Y Axis} 500mm
  • Head Travel {Z Axis} 500mm
  • Max Table Load 450KG

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